First Aid Classes

Course Type: Certified American Heart Association First Aid Class

This course is an instructor lead course that follows the AHA guidelines that teaches the basics of first aid training in medical and traumatic emergencies.  We meet the criteria of the American Heart Association, but we go above and “beyond the classroom” with our hands on skills and practical sessions.  To learn such important life saving skills our instructors emphasize the importance of having each student perform all skills in a realistic scenario.   All materials and practicals are covered and reviewed with students in the classroom by AHA instructors.  All prices are per student, a minimum of 4 students is required to schedule a class.

Heartsaver First Aid – $50.00

Recognition and treatment of emergency situations:

  • First Aid basics including, scene safety, finding the problem, calling for help (and more)
  • Medical Emergencies including, actions for choking, breathing problems, shock (and more)
  • Injury Emergencies including. actions for bleeding, broken bones, burns (and more)
  • Environmental Emergencies including, actions for bites and stings
  • Temperature related emergencies and poisoning Emergencies
  • Hands on Practical sessions: Finding the Problem, Removing Gloves, Using an Epinephrine Pen, Stopping Bleeding and Bandaging.

Minimum class size of 5 for American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED. Minimum of 4 for the American Heart Association BLS CPR course.  Price noted does not include book. Paper copy of the book is available from us for $3.00 or online at An E-book is also available from the American Heart Association for ( – Look for the Heartsaver CPR AED Student workbook. For businesses that would like us to come on site, the minimum for Heartsaver CPR AED is 5. Minimum for CPR AED & First Aid is 4. If business is located downtown, we require parking validation if parking is not available.