Teachers “Tested” in A School CPR Scenario

When it comes to being ready for an emergency nothing is more important than training and preparation.  The teachers at Chicago City Day School took it upon themselves to be ready for an emergency if it were ever to arise.  For a change the teachers were the pupils and a surprise test was awaiting them at the end of the day.

The teachers eagerly learned and absorbed all the material during the classroom portion.  We practiced the skills and went over the basics.  The class was fun engaging as it was a privileged to teach teachers for a change.  So the skills were taught, the teachers asked questions, whats left ???

A surprise test!!!! “What?!?!?” was the common response from the teachers.  As we asked for two brave volunteers, the teachers began to feel like their students, anxious.  Two teachers initially stepped up and volunteered to be the ones.  What awaited for them was a school cpr scenario in their school.  The teachers did not know anything about the scenario and had to apply all that they learned from the class.