Why En-pro Aed Management Program

En-Pro AED management program has the experience and expertise to set up the program that’s right for you, and then keep you up to date on anything required to guarantee the best possible chance of saving a life if cardiac arrest strikes.


When you partner with En-Pro, you join the most experienced group of program management people in the market today. En-Pro has been providing AED program management and training since 2002 and now they manage more AEDs than any other provider.  En-Pro’s team draws upon an unmatched knowledge base. En-Pro can provide assistance with everything you need to design, implement, and maintain
your AED program.

PlusTrac Alerts and Notifications


  • E-minders — Friendly e-mail message sent prior to the AED’s routine maintenance date reminding the program administrator to check the AED’s status indicator to ensure that it is in proper working order and to document that it has been checked.
  • Alert — If the visual routine maintenance check has not been recorded by the due date, En-Pro will send an e-mail alert.
  • Notifications — If the AED has missed an inspection, En-Pro will escalate the issue to the program administrator, informing him/her that the site is out of compliance.


  • 90/60/30 — Beginning three months prior to the recorded expiration date, En-Pro will send an e-mail reminder once a month to replace the      expiring consumables.
  • Dashboard — Real-time reporting available on your dashboard provides interactive pie charts for a quick status check on the expirations and compliance of your program.
  • Reports — Default reports are provided within PlusTrac and can be customized and downloaded as well as scheduled for automated delivery to your e-mail.


  • Updates — We provide continuous monitoring of your AEDs and communicate any updates regarding changes to the laws in your area.
  • Recall — Corrective action and FDA recall notifications are provided, including instructions on which devices are affected and steps necessary by serial number.
  • Compliance — Additional messages and communications are made to guarantee your AEDs are ready when needed.