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ZOLL's AED Plus®

"Best support for the rescuer"

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Product Description

Zoll AED Plus provides the Best Support for Rescuers.

  • ZOLL’s AED Plus® features Real CPR Help®, a CPR feedback tool that is able to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do it well. Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity unmatched by any other defribillator
  • Only defribillator with Real CPR Help, offers real-time CPR feedback, providing the best support for Saving A Life. Only defribilltor that guides rescuers to proper depth and rate of chest compressions.
  • AED Plus lid acts as a “passive airway support” to maintain victims open airway.
  • Only Fully Compliant defribillator, meets American Heart Association CPR guidelines for proper depth of Compression, has FDA approval.
  • Lowest total Cost of Ownership. Only Replace electrode pads and batteries once in 10 years. AED Plus – Lowest Cost, Once Installed
  • Best Ingress protection against dust and moisture.  If you simply would like to buy a defribilatore, there are many to choose from, if you are serious about saving a life, contact us today about a ZOLL AED Plus Demonstration and FREE CPR Certification Offer.


Part #8000-0809

b41c36090679da527628926f2daae94cUsed to mount AED Plus on a wall without the carry case.




Part #8000-0855

0cd2b4fb50ea202366ccd2388990f974Visibility of your AED Plus is essential so that it is easy to find in an emergency situation. The 9” alarmed wall cabinet holds the AED Plus in a carry case with an extra set of electrodes.

Price: $185

Part #8000-0817

0cd2b4fb50ea202366ccd2388990f974Flush Wall Mounting Box (fully recessed wall cabinet designed to hold AED Plus on a bracket without carry case and one spare set of electrodes

Price: $296

be4f6760736690e1c461e45c8dc4a932Alarmed AED wall cabinet holds AED Plus (on a bracket without the carry case)and one spare set of electrodes.

Dimensions 17.3” x 17.3” x 3.5” 44.1 cm x 44.1 cm x 8.8 cm

Price: $296

5f113cbf2b50bac8d8ca4658369a6a30Flush Wall Mounting Box (fully recessed wall cabinet designed to hold AEDPlus on a bracket without carry case and one spare set of electrodes

17.3” x 17.3” x 1.5”

Price: $296