Maybe you’ve been thinking it’s time to get your business employees or coworkers to be CPR certified. After all, in case of an emergency, it would be a lot safer for everyone if there was a plan of action in place.

Having CPR certified staff and employees is something that many businesses and organizations value, but unfortunately time and money constraints can make it hard to entice staff to get trained on their own time and dime. Instead, it can be of great benefit for organizations to coordinate a quality CPR class for all staff to get trained all at once or even in a couple of sessions.

Many organizations find that treating employees to a quality CPR class for business also helps build morale, enhance communication skills and improve the ever so important critical thinking component of day to day life.

CPR Class for Business Builds Morale
In a typical Accurate CPR class, your employees and coworkers start to learn new skills and lifesaving techniques right from the get-go, and sometimes the experience can be very intimidating for some. Watching coworkers learn to save a life and go through vulnerable human life and death scenarios just instinctively brings people together.

Before you know it, everyone is side-by-side, performing tasks that they never thought they would be doing before. For some, cutting clothes off of manikins, moving a full sized manikin from a confined spot or giving seemingly endless chest compressions are all new experiences, and when everyone in the room realizes that they can each learn something new while accomplishing things they never thought they would before, the sense of morale begins to grow.

Group CPR Classes Build Communication Skills
With any task in life and in the business world, the success of a team relies heavily on communication. In a CPR class for business, your employees or coworkers are put through many scenarios that rely heavily on team communication and proper execution.

When coworkers go through this type of training they may have to communicate with a coworker that they have barely spoken to before. A CPR class takes your team and brings everyone closer to each other by breaking down barriers that coworkers may not even know existed. The communication skills developed in a CPR class, can help enhance day to day communication at work. This is something that not only makes a business more productive but can now also help to save lives.

When you look for a CPR class for your business team or group, look beyond the obvious of the tasks that you all need to learn (though it is all valuable life saving skills), and instead think about all of the quick thinking our team will be put “on the spot” to think quickly on their feet and apply what they have just learned in a controlled stressful simulation in order to save a life.

Critical Thinking Skills Improved with a Team CPR Session
Critical thinking is enhanced when staff or coworkers have to make quick decisions in a stressful situation in order to improve the outcome of an incident. This type of quick thinking can be applied to lifesaving or to the corporate world. Whether it’s making the right call on a business decision or providing life saving skills in the correct order in an emergency medical controlled scenario, this proves to be productive in the workforce and in life.

When choosing a CPR class for business, don’t limit the learning experience to the skills that are acquired just in the class. View the class for what it really is, a class that helps you become a better group of rescuers, a better group of workers and best of all, a better team of people.